The Total Saver is a device that increases the efficiency of how power is used, saving you money.

Most businesses pay for 100% of the power that flows through their meters, but over 90% of the businesses that we have dealt with are at less than 85% efficiency.

The Total Saver reduces or eliminates spikes or surges, which means that your machinery & motors will have an increased life expectancy.

Lower power usage will help reduce the stress on electrical generation in NZ, reducing the need for more rivers to be dammed - Eco Friendly.

So if you want to potentially reduce your power bills, reduce power spikes, have smoother power in your business, spend over $1,500 per month, and use any of the following equipment:

Air Conditioning

Power Tools


Computers, Copiers

Printers & Fax Machines

Heating Systems

Ventilation Systems & Fans


Industrial Machinery

Washers & Driers

Fluorescent & LED Lighting

Fridges & Freezers

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