The benefits of the Total Saver

Savings on your power bills

The Total Saver is a power saving device that, once installed could save you on your power bills.

Power surge protection

Protects your sensitive lights and equipment from blowing.

Helps motors run more efficiently, and reduces chances of over-heating

Zero maintenance

The Total Saver works seamlessly in the background, once installed you never need to think about it again.

2 year warranty on defects (or for the length of the lease)

Reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment

No big budgets for advertising keeps prices at a minimum

We rely on our satisfied customers' referrals.

Harmonics filter for computers & electronics

We replace it at our cost if it breaks down

The monthly lease fee stays the same for 5 years--even when your power prices increase. Your savings just increase!

Removable and re-locatable

If it were to fail, because it's wired in parallel, it doesn't interfere with the supply of power to your business, so no interruption to the operation of your business

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