12 Things You May Not Have Known About Jayda Cheaves’ B.E.T. Awards Dress, According To The Designer Behind TLZ L’Femme

There’s one night of the year that’s guaranteed to bring forth a number of memorable looks, both on the red carpet and on stage, and it’s the B.E.T. Awards. There were sparkling gowns doused in feathers, plunging necklines, sky high platforms, gothic glam, Canadian tuxedos, odes to African heritage and more. But even a few days on the other side of Black Hollywood’s big night and Jayda Cheaves’ head-to-toe white ensemble is the one everyone still can’t stop talking about.  
The entrepreneur, actor and social media star took the red carpet in an entirely custom look by Los Angeles-based brand TLZ L’Femme, it’s most memorable attribute, a shark fin-like corset in lieu of a more “traditional” bodice. It’s a loon lmk that both solidifies Cheaves as the ultimate fashion girl in her own right, and, per its unique, off-kilter details, was instantly recognizable to fans as the undeniable work of Asia Rhy, the designer behind TLZ L’Femme. “Jayda is a dream to work with,” Rhy tells ESSENCE. “I was able to see her mother and work [simultaneously] and it warmed my heart. She is so respectful and professional which made me feel really comfortable working with her as an artist.” Ahead, ESSENCE had the opportunity to chat with Rhy about the internet’s favorite dress of the night. Ahead, the designer shares 12 things you may not have known about Cheaves’  iconic look.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 26: Jayda Cheaves attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.(Photo by Prince Williams/ Getty Images)

1. While it is a white ensemble fans saw hit the carpet last Sunday, Rhy tells ESSENCE the original dress was actually grey (and there’s even a photo of Rhy wearing the original dress). 

2. It was actually Cheaves’ idea to have the dress be white instead.


3. According to Rhy, the dress was inspired by oceanic elements and the great white shark. 

4. Rhy says her label TLZ L’Femme was originally only brought on to create the dress, but Cheaves’ team later asked Rhy to take of full creative direction and styling for Cheaves’ award show look. 

5. “The look was created from a very spiritual place within myself,” Rhy says. “This design helped pull me out of a dark place in April.”

6. After Rhy was giving full creative direction of the look, the designer this inspired herself and her team to take the custom element a step further, and 3D printed custom jewelry (chunky, transparent bangles and a transparent shark tooth earring) to match. 


7. Between designers and seamstresses, Rhy says it took a team of six to create Cheaves’ look. 

8. The outfit took five days to make. 

9. It turns out the color wasn’t the only detail of the dress to change before the look was finalized. Rhy says there was supposed to be a complementing leg piece, but the team wasn’t able to have it 3D printed in time.

10. Rhy says the project was a collaborative effort. “Jayda was open to all the ideas I shared with her, which made the experience so fun and creative, she said.”



11. Naturally, on the big night, mishaps were presented, but flawlessly overcome. Rhy says there was makeup on Cheaves’ dress right before walking out of the hotel room, but Clorox wipes got it right out. “Thank God the skirt was made from mesh,” Cheaves says. 

12. For anyone looking to get in on the wheel fantasy, Rhy revealed that, yes, the brand is planning to release Cheaves’ earrings for sale.


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