5 Sexy Solutions To Period Pain

If you’re like me (or the large percent of people who suffer from menstrual pain), the week your period arrives is pretty damn miserable. Every waking — and often sleeping — moment is filled with shooting pain (back, front, side, head, boobs — no body part is safe from the wrath of my shedding uterus!). So when my gynecologist suggested orgasming as a way to alleviate my pain, I was skeptical. At its worst, I can barely tolerate lying perfectly still with a hot pad draped across my waist. I didn’t understand how she expected my body, with its aches (and accompanying river of blood), to be touched, much less become aroused. But she insisted that I at least try. So, I gave it a whirl. I tried out multiple period pain solutions to help lift my period-week libido, relax my tense muscles and infuse my body with some good old-fashioned manual pleasure.

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