8 Podcasts For Busy Moms To Listen To

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Moms of both two-year-olds and 13-year-olds tend to have a similar struggle–trying to make time for leisure activities. Hobbies like reading or watching TV may get put to the side for the sake of prioritizing the daily demands of motherhood, family needs and work. If consuming information or entertainment is something you are constantly trying to make time for, podcasts are a good way to do so. 

Podcasts have seen exponential growth over the past year. According to The Infinite Dial, 62% of those age 12+ in the U.S. (an estimated 177 million people) have listened to a podcast, up from 57% last year. They’re an easy way to learn new things or listen to engaging conversations while you’re folding clothes from the bottomless laundry basket, cooking, or doing school runs.  

Whether you’re new to this podcast life or true to it, here are a few for busy moms to tap into. 

Moms Actually 

Every mom deserves a safe space and the Moms Actually podcast provides this for women. They have guests on the show weekly from the likes of Tamar Braxton to Tammy Franklin and Erica Campbell. Their goal is to divert from the panglossian ideas of parenting and look at the nitty gritty of raising kids. In this podcast, you may find a virtual community where you can feel heard and seen by women like you. Listen Here 

Mahogany Momology

Not all of us were raised by carefree Black parents, but this present wave of parenthood aspires to be that. The hosts explore topics like dealing with grief and teaching your child to do such, living in the sandwich generation, the increase in gun ownership, generational wealth, private school, and childhood obesity. The podcast is hosted by Melissa Tarpley and Natasha Gordon, who are both wives and Black mothers. Listen Here

Mommifaceted: Black Working Mom Podcast

Rachel Pierre and Darline Victor discuss the illusion of work-life balance and how they struggle to do it all as parents. Topics you’ll find on the podcast are spoiling your kids, avoiding looking at your kids as a burden, and transitioning to being a mom of multiple kids. Listen Here

Our Mothers’ Gardens 

Ever thought about the ways your mother has influenced your parenting? This is something this podcast explores. Healer and storyteller Satya Nelms looks at the complex relationship Black women and their mothers have and how it has helped shape who they are today. To keep the conversation going, they bring on guests who discuss what they’ve learned from their mothers. Listen Here 

Good Moms Bad Choices 

Moms are often put in a box, but Milah and Erica are here to shatter them. The single moms explore all aspects of motherhood and womanhood from an unconventional lens, whether it be spirituality, sex, finances or dating. They also host live interactive shows in cities like New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia and have a periodic retreat in Costa Rica. Listen Here 

The Cleverly Changing Podcast 

Elle and Miriam’s podcast is especially unique and for anyone who is currently homeschooling their kids or considering taking that learning route. The moms dig into the joys and challenges of homeschooling and parenting children with Type 1 Diabetes. Listen Here

Therapy for Black Girls 

You can never talk too much about mental health, especially when you want to show up as a good parent. Therapy for Black Girls is not only a directory for people of color to find therapists, but they also have a podcast that discusses all things mental health. They’ve been on the block for some time now, so there are around 271 sessions, meaning you’ve got plenty of content to get through. Listen Here 

The Food Heaven Podcast 

Registered dietitians, diabetes educators, and best friends Wendy and Jess have a refreshing podcast about healthy living. They discuss changes you can make to ensure your balanced diet is sustainable. You can expect expert tips from the experts themselves on nutrition and food. Some topics they cover are healthy eating on a budget, organic and GMO foods, and emotional eating. Listen Here

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