Abortion Access Is Healthcare Not A Job Perk At Work

Then again, employers (and, well, society) have long ignored the needs of women, trans, and nonbinary folks. And still today, compared to cisgender white men, we’re making less money, experiencing a higher rate of job losses, feeling more burnout on the job, and finding it more difficult to enter into the workforce — this is particularly true for people of color and those in marginalized groups. Gender equality, said headline after headline over the past two years, is moving backwards. “The labor of women and the condition under which we do our labor has long been undervalued, ignored, and neglected, and I think it’s just part of the legacy of that,” says Kalipeni. “I’m really frustrated that we seem to only respond in crisis mode. The demand for access to affordable and equitable and culturally competent healthcare that includes abortion services is not a new demand that employers haven’t heard [before].”

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