The following are some of the things I used to do with my money until I realize that they are not helping me utilize my finances well. If you found something in the list that you do, I think you should try considering them next time.


Seeing people having different version of success somehow affects our mindset. At some point, this makes us think that we must also do the things they do even if we are not as stable and capable as them in terms of financial matters. This results in us buying the things we do not need; with money we do not have to impress people we do not like. Social pressure is a dominant driving force for people to go with the trend and this often leads to debts. This is applicable to all may it be a new house, new care, occasions, and other expenses. We must keep ourselves aware of our financial capability and do less purchase if possible. It would also be great if we use this social pressure as a positive motivator for growth.


Not all sale and discount days will save you money, this somehow tricks your brain to buy these and that because they are at a low price. After that, you might end up buying things you do not actually need. So, the next time you will be walking down to a mall on a holiday sales and discounts, carefully examine those products if they are worthy of your money or not.


Unwanted events and scenarios are inevitable and cannot be predicted. The best way to deal with this is to face them prepared. Having safety nets or simply savings or insurance might get you in trouble when the time comes. It would be chaotic in the future if you have money right now but you choose not to keep it for the coming days. Save up for an emergency fund!


Just when you thought that you are saving money with buying in small amounts, it actually makes you spend more. Kitchen and bathroom supplies are the ones that take most of your grocery list. If you are buying them in retail rather than wholesale, you are definitely spending more in a month. Try comparing your expenses when you purchase wholesale and retail items. You might get surprised at the difference! 


Too much of everything is not good. And in the case of too much convenience, we tend to rely more and work less. It does not only make us lazy but also make us spend more. This happens as a result of being able to get almost everything in just a few clicks. From meals to other services, everything might seem at the reach of our hands. Too much patronizing them will surely cost you money.


Sometimes, it is okay to delay our desire of wanting to buy something. A matter of self-discipline and self-control will get you to the right purchase rather than just buying them out of the urge to do so.

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