Beyoncé Releases Visual Teaser For ‘I’m That Girl’

RENAISSANCE has been on repeat for Beyoncé’s fans for two weeks straight. But one reigning question has remained for those dropping it to “Church Girls” and belting out the “Plastic Off The Sofa” challenge: “where are the visuals?”

Since her 2013 surprise release Beyoncé, the songstress has become infamous for visual albums that accompany and further the story of her music, illustrating the songs’ underlying themes and often pulling in relevant elements from art, literature, and pop culture media.

With RENAISSANCE serving as a celebration of freedom, self-love, personal identity, and the LGBTQIA+ community, fans were eager to see what Beyoncé had in store with her visual component and what inspirations and references she would use to create them.

Beyoncé Releases Visual Teaser For ‘I’m That Girl’

While no full visual album release date has yet been announced, Beyoncé let fans know that music videos are indeed on the horizon when she dropped a new official teaser for the album’s opening track, “I’m That Girl” on August 12.

Confirming fan speculation that promotional images from RENAISSANCE were most likely taken from her visual shoots, Beyoncé’s teaser featured her strutting around an opulent bedroom suite donning a silver metal bodysuit and patterned stockings, before exiting to a lounge with a mirrored wall and declaring herself “that girl” on its mauve velvet sofa.

Other scenes see her sitting on the bar with a horse by her side, wielding a microphone fashioned to look like a silver handgun, and intersperse her face in various other hairstyles, outfits, and glam that we can only assume are from various other entries in her visual album that are soon to follow.

Take a look at the official “I’m That Girl” video teaser below:

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True to Beyoncé’s typical shock-drop form, a release date for “I’m That Girl” has not yet been released. For now, fans are left to dissect the teaser and wait in anticipation of the full release.


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