Crown Affair Dianna Cohen Brand Founder Interview

“I started with finding vendors on the tool side, buying product, having friends try it, talking to people about the brand. I reached out to our former creative director at Away, Sho Shibuya, and met with him at the Crosby Street Hotel. I was like, I have an idea. Let’s start to build it. So really just bringing people in my orbit even then. But there was a tipping point where I was like, If I’m going to place an order for 10,000 units of hair oil and hire people, I’m going to need to raise money. So I started that journey and was fortunate to have, you know, the experience that I had on the consumer side. But then locked in our investors. That was around the end of 2019, and we launched the company on January 28, 2020, six weeks or so before COVID hit.”

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