“Don’t Touch My Hair” : Empowering The Next Generation with The Crown Act

Solange Knowles said it best ladies, “Don’t Touch My Hair” in her iconic ‘A Seat at The Table’ 2016 album. But now here in 2022, sadly enough we are STILL having this same conversation. 

Black Women we’ve all been there, in the workplace judged, over admired or constantly questioned on the changes of our hairstyles. Whether buzz cut or braids, Black women and our hair are often the topic of conversation, while our Caucasian counterparts continue to navigate through the workplace freely. As if Black women don’t have to tackle enough in the workforce, the choice of our hairstyle is yet another task added to the never ending list on any given workday. 

Studies show Black women were 1.5 times more likely to be sent home or know of a Black woman sent home from the workplace simply because of her hair and it’s time to change that narrative. 

Now with the official passing of ‘The Crown Act’ a law that forbids hair discrimination based on hair texture/ hairstyles, we would never have to have this conversation again. 

During the Essence Fest, Wealth & Power panel, Educator Dre Brown sat with Unilever President, Esi Eggleston Bracey and  Actress/ Media Personality Tabitha Brown to discuss their experience with their natural hair in society while discussing the importance of The Crown Act and why getting it passed nationwide is so important. 

“If the act is not passed in every state that means that every state does not allow freedom. It is our right to walk around like this (in our natural hair state) if we want to. So if every state does not pass it, then we are not all free.” shared Tabitha Brown.

As of July 2022, The Crown Act has been signed into law in 18 states nationwide. To support the Dove Crown Act, and sign the petition visit www.Dove.com/Crown.

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