Exponent Beauty Custom Skin Care Products Review 2022

At $166 for the Starter Kit (which includes everything mentioned in this review), it’s a beauty investment — and genuinely feels like it. According to the brand, the hyaluronic acid base lasts 90 doses (so about three months with once daily use), and the powder for 45 doses, meaning you will have to replace it twice as often as the liquid base. The refills aren’t cheap at $88 for the powder and $68 for the hydrator, but after a month of consistent use, my skin is looking better than it has in a long time, TBH. I’m noticing fewer breakouts, less redness, and a glow that makes highlighter optional. Whether you’re passionate about making refillable beauty products a regular part of your lifestyle or willing to splurge on your skin, Exponent Beauty is solving for a lot of variables — and doing so in style.

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