Friends On A Girls Trip To Turks And Caicos Ended Up Dining With Nas

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If you were waiting for a sign that you finally need to get serious about taking that girls trip, be inspired by avid traveler Kiara Moore and her BFF, whose adventure hit its peak when they ended up at dinner with legendary rapper Nas.

Moore shared a TikTok video of her celebrating her girlfriend’s birthday while visiting Caribbean locale Turks and Caicos. While singing happy birthday after a slice of cake was brought to their table to honor the occasion, Nas, who just so happened to be at a table near the ladies dining with a friend, raised his glass to help celebrate. Next thing you know, he was sitting with the beauties at their table, having shots and toasting with them. He even dropped an “I love you,” to which they responded with, “awww thanks.”

Moore shared video of the good times had with the ageless rapper saying, “Casually ended up having dinner with Nas in Turks.”

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Can you imagine? After the video was shared (it, at the time of writing this, has 385,000 views since going up on Tuesday, August 30), women hopped in the comments with all the jokes.

“See, God knows not to put me in the situation 😂,” one woman replied.

“Nas and Drake stay in Turks and in someone’s dinner flicks 😩 Lord when’s my turn?? 😂😂😂” said another.

This one took the cake though: “The way I would’ve asked if he wanted to come see my room 🥴😭”

Turks and Caicos is a favorite destination for many people, including, as mentioned, rappers like Nas, Drake and Diddy. Drake had everyone talking when he gifted a fan $10,000 for their birthday while he was vacationing there earlier this year. And Nas joined Diddy previously for the mogul’s birthday festivities there in 2020.

So in addition to having gorgeous beaches, lush mangroves and delicious local rum, it seems you should consider checking out the Turks and Caicos, if you haven’t already, because you might run into your favorite rapper there. And if you’re super lucky, you just might get to enjoy fine dining with them.

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