High Schools Are Now Offering AP African American Studies. Here’s What We Hope They Teach

Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images

Every February, a Black person is heard somewhere saying “we really only get one month, THE SHORTEST MONTH, to teach Black history??” February was chosen for a reason by the founder of Black history week, Carter G. Woodson. The late historian might be pleased that some high schools across the country have officially begun to teach AP African American Studies for the first time…and it’s for more than one month.

The College Board, the organization behind America’s Advanced Placement (AP) courses, launched a pilot program for 60 high schools to teach AP African American Studies. Amid right wingers using Black history as a political football to win over (i.e. scare) their voters into supporting conservative politicians in the past couple of years, schools quietly introduced the program this fall.

We know most of us got the MLK, Rosa Parks, and mayybbbe Malcolm X trifecta of lessons during Black History Month in high school. But here’s what else we hope is in the curriculum for the new AP pilot course.

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