How Le Car Is Empowering Women To Be Bold Through Luxury Vehicles

It’s something about driving a luxury vehicle that can legit change your entire mood. As a New Yorker (in the city, at that), it’s been years since I’ve had a car of my own, but when Le Car, a female-led research platform that aims to assist in how to buy, travel, and live with your vehicle, reached out and asked if I’d be interested in a 2022 Maserati for the weekend, I couldn’t say no.

Now why no, I’m not particularly on the market for a car — I know plenty who are, particularly women. So it only made sense especially when you consider the numbers. According to numerous studies, it’s women who are spending the most on vehicles these days, largely opting for driving a more elevated option off the lot.

How Le Car Is Empowering Women To Be Bold Through Luxury Vehicles

And to the point I decide to purchase a car for myself, you can bet that I’ll be joining them. From the time the 2022 Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo was dropped off in front of my Brooklyn apartment building, stepping out felt like a grandiose affair. I felt like my outfits looked even better, my hair was even more laid and even my contour was more precise.

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Talk about a total mood shift.

It didn’t hurt to witness the reactions when I’d drive through the city and park the car while out, either.

So here’s how Le Car works: you can either seek out 1-on-1 help, take a comprehensive quiz on your wants and needs, or utilize a must-have guide that details how to shop when you finally realize what car is best for you.

For me, it was a white 2022 model with red interior. I noticed that I began to think about how my outfit would coordinate with the car each day — a task that wasn’t too difficult considering the colors, but all too important nonetheless.

How Le Car Is Empowering Women To Be Bold Through Luxury Vehicles

The dream experience all ended upstate in Cold Springs, where myself and other incredible women who were also matched up in their perfect Maserati gathered to learn more about the brand while surrounded by art. And while yes I had to give it back, the experience taught me two things: when it comes to cars, buy luxury and choose a color that will go well with just about every outfit.

And don’t fret, Le Car’s database exceeds just Maserati. Any luxury brand you have in mind, they know all about it.


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