How To Shop For Fashionable Luggage

Summer is officially here and we are packing our bags and heading to New Orleans for the Essence Festival of Culture (EFOC)! As we pack our bags with our most fashionable items, it’s equally as important to have fashionable luggage. 

“Unique luggage can help you stand out,” says Jessica Ufuoma, travel blogger and founder of Gojolley. “There are only a few things worse than scanning the conveyor belt for black luggage that everyone else owns.”

While it is fun to draw attention to your stylish luggage, Ciera Good, an aviation expert points out that having distinctive luggage has several advantages. “Whether your luggage is a carry-on or a checked bag, it’s crucial to have distinctive luggage so it is easier to distinguish your bag from others swiftly.”

When it comes to purchasing the right luggage for your needs, Ufuoma says that durability should be at the top of the list. “If you’re a frequent traveler, you want to get a bag that can last a long time without getting worn down. “It may cost a pretty penny, but it will be worth it,” she explains. 

Glam-Aholic Lifestyle Mia Ray says, “You also want to search for vital essentials like size, lifestyle suitability, compartments, and features.” Mia Ray just introduced a line of stylish luggage that is selling out quickly.

Good adds that when selecting your travel luggage, you should also take the distance traveled and the length of the trip into account. “Will the bags be checked in or a carry-on?” She also says that you should take into account the wheels, which might make moving your bags back and forth easier.

When Ufuoma travels, she recommends a good hard-shell fashionable carrier, especially on a plane. “It is always better to have luggage that you can roll seamlessly when going through the airport and passing through security.” For train rides and short trips, “I tend to reach for my duffel bags as I can typically position them close to me and grab the things I need easily.”

So what exactly should we avoid while we travel? Good and Ufuoma provide useful advice to help us travel to our destination swiftly and in style.

Check Your Warranty

Most luggage comes with a lifetime warranty, so pay attention. This means that if you ever need to replace it, you have the option.

Fill Out Your Information Card

By completing the information card on your luggage, travelers can reduce the chance that their luggage will be lost or stolen by another traveler.

Pack Light

Many airlines have a maximum weight limit for checked bags, and even when empty, certain bags weigh more than others. Your carry-on luggage should weigh between 1-2 kilograms on average. Airlines have weight restrictions, so the heavier the bag, the more expensive it will be to fly. Two carry-ons can sometimes be cheaper than one checked bag. 

Only Take What You Need

Make a list of the items you’ll need for the vacation, and go one step further and plan out your clothes for each day so you only bring what you’ll actually need for that trip. 

Use Packing Cubes

The cubes will help you make more room, distinguish between clean and dirty items, and efficiently organize your belongings.

Protect Your Luggage

Purchase travel insurance that allows you to report or document damage after a luggage inspection, as well as a luggage lock. Don’t check in any potentially fragile luggage, though. Finally, maintain your ticket for the checked luggage claim on hand at all times.

We’ll see you at the Essence Festival of Culture!

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