I Tried the Plant-Based Mosaic Foods Smoothies

I had one smoothie every morning for four days during my post-vacation week, and that was exactly what I needed to get my body back into my New York home life groove, especially when the heat wave rolled in and I couldn’t be bothered with “hot” foods. But, that all said, I don’t think this product is for actual “smoothie people” — I know smoothie people would say something along the lines of how this is a scam, considering how if you sourced all the ingredients yourself at a market, everything would likely come to less than $10 and it’ll last you a whole week. To that, I’d say that these smoothies are for people like me. They are for people who don’t enjoy cooking or don’t enjoy buying groceries but still want the ease and convenience of eating delicious, good food that make you feel good, too. Personally speaking, I now see the virtues of being a “smoothie person” and I’ve fully leaned into the smoothie culture of it all — but I’m pleased to do it my way, even if it’s via ready-to-blend $8 smoothie cups.

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