In Defense Of Industry’s Harper Stern

Whether you’re feeling secondhand anxiety for her or want to throw something at her out of anger, Harper is a character that keeps you on the edge of your seat. No matter the emotion she elicits, it’s clear that Harper is why Industry is worth watching. I don’t love describing a show in relation to another show —  the comparison never fully encapsulates the essence — but I suppose Industry is like if  Succession and Euphoria had a baby. The show centers around a group of young, hungry graduates competing for positions at Pierpoint & Co., a prestigious investment bank in London. The main group of graduates also consists of Rob Spearing (Harry Lawtey), Yasmin Yazdani (Marisa Abela), and Gus Sackey (David Jonsson). They love competition, work, and money as much as they love sex, drugs, and partying.

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