Interview with Brand Director of The Laundress

“I feel very passionate about this topic. I know a lot of people who don’t wash their jeans. I also know people who put their jeans in the freezer, which doesn’t kill bacteria by the way. Obviously, there are different finishes to keep in mind, but for me, I opt for washing and stretching the time between washes. Also, I wash but don’t tumble dry because it’s the drying process that degrades fabric the most. It causes dye release and degrades fibers in terms of their elasticity because you’re baking fibers in the heat. If you’re really concerned about denim, you can hand-wash it and soak it in our Scented Vinegar. If you’re dealing with odor, we have a Darks Detergent that I would recommend if you want to protect the dye and finish of your denim. You only need a little bit. You also don’t have to wash the entire jean every time — in between washes and wears, I use a steamer to help kill bacteria and to freshen the denim. We also have a Fabric Fresh that you can spray, and it makes the garment ready to wear between washes. My vote is washing denim even if it’s once every few months. Again, everybody has their own approach, but that’s my take on it.”

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