‘Married To Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Discusses The Power of Balance

As a child, Quad Webb said her father spoke purpose into her spirit, and often reminded her she could achieve whatever she desired.

Clearly, the multi-hyphenate serial entrepreneur took those words to heart.

“Have I always been this ambitious…this assertive? Absolutely,” Webb said. “This is not something I just picked up along the way. My father spoke this into my life and he taught me to ask a lot of questions and work to get the answers. ‘Quad don’t just let people tell you anything. If it’s something that you want to go for, you go out there and you work hard, you learn about it, you research it, and you get it.’ ”

This sage advice led the Memphis, TN native led Webb to pursue a career in the competitive field of medical sales and relocated to Georgia, where she was approached to join the cast of the hit Bravo reality series Married to Medicine, which features the ins and outs Atlanta’s BIPOC medical community.

She eventually met and married her then-husband, a successful psychologist. But despite popular belief, she wasn’t one to rest on her laurels after ‘marrying well.’

“My father always would tell me, ‘listen, it’s great to be pretty, but in life, you need more than that. Your mind will take you places your face can’t.’”

Keeping to this guidance, Quad launched multiple ventures while married, including a luxury pet accessory company, brand ambassadorships, and a cook book.

Now divorced, Webb she said a strong sense of self carried her through the challenging time.

“I really thank God for my spirit of service, but also an independent mindset,” she shared with Essence.

Now, she’s learning to balance the two important qualities since taking in her nephew in partnership with her sister-in-law following her brother’s death earlier this year. She’d always prioritized her family, but she said she’s learned to love them in a completely different way.

“Since moving my mom and nephew in, my love for them is reaffirmed more and more every day, but heavy is the head that wears the crown,” she said. “I’m so blessed to be in a position to contribute to my family in a major way, but it’s important to honor the balancing art of it all. Any and all is possible for our lives–just remember to take care yourself in the process.”

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