Meet Chloe And Halle’s Baby Brother Branson!

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If you hadn’t received the fabulous memo already, sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey are the cover stars for our September/October issue, and we can’t get enough of their bond and the way they support one another. But in addition to adoring their relationship with one another, the singers and actresses are also big sisters to a brother named Branson, 16, with whom they also share a very tight bond. The ladies can often be seen hanging out with their baby brother, who like them, records music and can hold a note, even when he’s not being 100 percent serious.

The sisters have called Branson “the calm to our storm ..we would be lost without you.” They also include him in the fun they have, hitting the red carpet together and including him in something as simple as their beauty rituals.

“One of my favorite things to watch and to witness is whenever we’re at home, Halle will grab whatever products she can find and she’ll give our little brother a facial,” Chloe recently told PEOPLE. “It’s the funnest thing to experience.”

They also make sure to have heart-to-heart conversations with Branson to prepare him for the real world while also uplifting him every chance they get.

 “A message we’re constantly telling him is what our parents have taught us as well: We always have to work 20 times harder than our counterparts,” Chloe shared with the New York Post during a chat alongside her sister in 2020 amid the racial tensions that were a big part of that entire year. “And even then, we may not end up in the same position as them.”

“And then also at this time, just reminding him that he is beautiful. His skin is beautiful. And that just because somebody else may feel threatened by that, do not let that tear and wear on yourself and remember that you are absolutely perfect just the way you are — inside and out,” Halle added. “We remind him of that every single day.”

We love when siblings are closer than most and closer than close! Check out a few photos of our cover stars with the youngest adorable member of the Bailey brood.

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