Summer Body Anxiety: Body Positive Tips

Making plans might sound boring (unless you’re an earth sign like me; planning is my favorite “p” word), but you can make it fun by throwing a little party. Before your summer outing, set aside 30 minutes to an hour, prep a snack, cocktail, and/or a playlist, throw on a cute look or your comfiest pajamas, and just write out (or dictate on a phone recorder app) all the things you need and want to make this an amazing experience for you. Set up all the things you need to make summer feel as safe, meaningful, and as fun possible. Do you need an extra wide beach chair, an easy-to-assemble hammock, huge thermos full of cucumber water, that book on anxiety, your journal, your tarot deck, some CBD coffee, huge headphones (if you’re anxious about overhearing people talking), or sunglasses (for avoiding eye contact)? Pack everything the day before. On days when you take a risk, do you have something you can look forward to when you get home? Some tea, those chocolate-covered banana chips, some warm socks, or a movie that calms you down? Lay it out before you leave.  

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