Tangle Teezer Pet Teezer Brush Review For Dogs 2022

Featuring the same bright, stylish colorways that people loved from Tangle Teezer, Pet Teezer immediately caught Miso’s eye as soon as I unboxed it. The small size (perfect for pint-sized breeds) comes in a tonal blue color, and a larger Pet Teezer is available in a wider variety of color options. (There’s even a Pet Teezer just for puppies and for our feline friends, too.) Right off the bat, I loved how lightweight the brush was and how it felt in my hand. The flexible bristles and ergonomic design allowed for easier glide through dense fur without any tugging or pulling, which I know Miso appreciated. However, the truly genius part of the brush is the varying length of the bristles, which work to remove loose hair in both the top coat and undercoat – i.e. the stuff that your fur baby typically sheds onto literally every surface of your home. Best of all, the design of the brush allowed me to get into sensitive areas like the backs of his ears and tail to trap knots before they morph into larger, matted bits of fur.

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