The 15 Coolest Fashion Finds an Editor Saw in September

October happens to be my favorite month of the year, so while I’m certainly mourning its departure, I’m also reminiscing about all of the great fashion items I came across this fall. Retailers were very busy stocking the new arrivals sections in October, let me tell ya. This month, I’ve had my eye on festive clothes (to avoid the last-minute holiday-party shopping scramble), outerwear, sweaters, and boots of every style, to name a few.

October’s roundup of the coolest things I’ve seen this month is pared down to just 15 special finds that I can’t stop thinking about. Among them are epic pieces from TK, TK, and TK, to name a few. So if you want to get in a little more shopping before the month is over, read on to find out what someone who shops all day for work (me) would buy. And if you’re just browsing, sorry to tempt you. See you next month for an early-winter-themed November recap!

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