The 3 Best Thrift Stores in New Yo

The store’s success is part of a bigger phenomenon happening in New York’s thrift and vintage community. Alongside Rogue, other TikTok-famous stores have also become the most coveted places to shop, network, and hang out in IRL, including Tired Thrift — located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, and owned by cousins Lediona Zharku, 23, and Elona Zharku, 22 — and Funny Pretty Nice — owned by Natalia Spotts, 26, with two locations in Manhattan’s East Village. In their quest to establish go-to spaces for curated vintage shopping, they’ve also reshaped what it means to be a brick-and-mortar store in the era of TikTok, creating communities that exist in the virtual and real worlds. “We like to say that we’re a store for Gen Z, by Gen Z,” says Lediona Zharku. 

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