The Power of Believing in Yourself

The famous Socrates once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. This popular line of him has been used to motivate a number of individuals. His teachings are true to all and almost everyone can relate to it. The center of his philosophy is the unending questioning of one’s self. Questioning in a sense that you do not doubt yourself.

True wisdom comes with knowing that you do not everything.


In the field of business and finance, we all have ourselves as the greatest investment of all. Before your capital investments, all your assets and finances, you have to believe in yourself first. There is so much power that comes to believing that you, yourself can do it.

There is a thin line between the philosophy of Socrates which is self-examination and doubt. In doubt, you limit yourself from doing something new because you think that you might mess it up. However, in Socrates’ philosophy, it makes you think that you do not know everything and that is where progress starts. You begin to realize that you still have a lot of room for improvement. With that, growth happens.

In business, most individuals are afraid to be in a situation of difficulty. Most people fear to be placed in an uncomfortable event. Difficult situations will be more difficult for those who easily give up and for those who have a hard time believing themselves and those with low self-esteems. The importance of having a good self-efficacy is as significant as having resources. One may be lucky to have an abundant resource, but with low self-efficacy, things might go wrong.

 A line in a song named Million Reasons by Lady Gaga is so relatable. It says “Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith”. This is true to all. It is indeed hard for someone to do something again if it did not work. You will not be able to continue doing something if your mind is already set that it will not work. It is hard to pursue something if everything seems to be uncertain.

Believe me, it only takes self-courage and confidence to defy all odds. It will just take a push for you to continue. Above everything else, you have to believe and trust in your capabilities even if everyone is doubting you. 

Let me cite some examples of having a good self-efficacy.

In a learning institution where there are diverse learners, it would just be easy for someone to feel low. He might feel down because he can see that there are other individuals that are better than him. It is just so hard to compare yourself and find out that they have something you do not have.

However, you have to learn to flip the script. Just remind yourself that you also have something that they do not possess. It is the principle of individualization that says no two individuals are the same in behaviors and actions. Even identical twins are not always alike!

Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. It makes us forget all the things we need to be thankful of. Start believing in yourself. You unique in your own ways.

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