These Are The States Where Employers Are Struggling the Most in Hiring

Pandemic-induced job loss affected millions of Americans two years ago and even now, are plagued by a ripple effect of subsequent financial challenges. For others though, employers are clamoring to find qualified employees to fill job openings that started to pop up as the economy slowly recovered from the shutdown.

As the Great Resignation roars on, workers are more selective with where they decide to work, leaving struggling employers to deal with delays in services, slashed production time, and reduced company hours.

WalletHub took a look at the country’s recovery rate state-by-state and analyzed which was having the toughest time hiring. In their recent report, they compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the rate of job openings over the last 12 months.

The 10 states that have shown the most difficulty filling job titles are Alaska, Kentucky, Georgia, Montana, Iowa, West Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois Minnesota, and Vermont.

WalletHub asked economic experts about why these places could be struggling.

“Employers may have difficulty filling employment positions if: the job description does not attract potential applicants because it overstates expectations regarding training or experience, or contains too many duties such that it appears to leave applicants with no time to breathe or move forward on a career growth path, or the promised salary and benefits are not comparable to others in the market, or the employer has a bad reputation for how it treats its employees,” said Christine N. O’Brien, Professor of Business Law, Carroll School of Management – Boston College. “Applicants read information online… Glassdoor is one of many sites that give employees information that may discourage them from applying. Employers need to consider housing and other living costs in the region where the job is located when they post salary ranges. Unavailability of work from home or a reputation for inflexibility regarding WFH might be another deterrent for some potential applicants.”

The full report can be accessed here.

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