Things You Should Never Do To Your Savings

We all dream of having a savings account with seven digits and above. It is a proud moment if you know that you have a savings account, because it makes you feel that you are doing well with your financial management. However, putting up a savings account is not a guarantee that you are already good with your decisions and that you still have to carefully keep in track your money.

The following are some of the things you should never do whenever you already have a savings:


Having savings means that you had several sacrifices in the process, and that should be enough to remind you that putting your money at risk will just turn your efforts into nothing.

Examples of risky decisions are investing your money with plans that are too good to be true. Those investment plants that offer growth and returns that might be doubtful. Always remember that what came easy will not last, and what truly lasts will not come that easy.


Not all flash sales are savings, some are impulsive purchases and that means another unnecessary expense has been done. Impulsive purchases are correlated with our emotion as of the moment. Feelings and thoughts are things you have to look after when doing a savings because these are powerful influencers of whether you are going to spend the money or save it.

Days of stress, frustrations and excitement can trigger us to use our savings and buy things that we feel we have to buy because of the current urge. However, sooner or later we might find that thing not as important as we thought it would be. In the end, all there’s left to us is regret.


Just when you thought you are doing yourself a favor because of saving money to the point that you are already depriving yourself, already makes you a loser in the beginning. You have yourself as the one working for your savings to grow. Part of taking care of your savings is to take care also of your health and not to deprive it with basic necessities.

Saving money should never be congruent with cutting off your budget for basic needs. There are some other ways that are effective and efficient for us. You just have to be open and have a wide examination of doing the things right.

Although nobody wants it, but illnesses caught from lack of self-care already are expenses.

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