This Smart AC Is The Coolest System For Your Space — Literally

Courtesy of Windmill

I’m not sure where you are in the country, but it’s hot as hell.

Seriously though, according to the National Weather Service, from the eastern U.S. to the southwest and south-central United States, temperatures will be in everything from the upper 90s to as high as 115° Fahrenheit for the next few days. With dangerous conditions like these, it’s likely that you’ve already felt like that James Brown meme, even if you don’t look exactly like it.

In addition to wearing lighter attire, drinking more water and taking cold showers, you may be trying to find a reprieve from the heat by staying inside your home when possible. Those with central air are likely basking in what feels like freezer-esque temps, but for those of us without such luck, it’s box ACs or bust. And while there are plenty of options on the market, very few have been touted as both “the iPhone” and “Birkin” of air conditioners. In fact, such titles have only been given to one, and that’s the Windmill.

Knowing this summer was likely going to literally be a hot mess (because global warming), I wanted to try the AC receiving such rave reviews for myself to see if it actually lives up to the hype. After a month of testing the Windmill, I can say it does. Here are a few things about it that make it a winner.

  • The Design: I have ACs in every room of my NYC apartment, and they’ve been pretty big and bulky — but not the Windmill. Instead of being a huge box that juts out, the company prides itself on making a system that’s “designed to disappear.” It’s modern and sleek. Even the accordion filler fits and looks perfectly.
  • Connects to Your Phone: The system comes with a smartphone app that lets you cut it on wherever you are. If you’re on your way home from schlepping your body around in the heat, you can step into an already cool and comfortable home by activating it before you even step in the door.
  • It’s Quiet: I don’t know what other modern ACs are doing but all the systems I’ve ever had require you to turn up your volume to ridiculous levels just to be able to watch TV and hear what’s going on while the air conditioner is on. They can be very loud, which is a trade-off one often deals with to enjoy a chilly abode. But that is not the case with the Windmill. It still manages to be powerful, circulating cold air around the room instead of just straight out, doing so quietly.
  • Cleaner Air Is Always Nice: I’m fine with whatever air I can get when the temps are above 90, but kudos to the brand, whose ACs feature dual-filtration meant to upgrade the quality of the air blowing into your space.
  • Easy to Install: According to my husband, the AC was “straightforward” in its assembly, so setting it up took very little time. It fits perfectly in our window, even without the insulated foam often necessary to seal things and keep the air in.

A bonus is that in addition to finding it on the brand’s site, the Windmill is available through retailer sites like Amazon and the Home Depot, so you can get it as soon as two days through the former, and check it out in person at the latter (or also order from their website). The AC is in the mid-range of the average cost of air conditioners depending on what size you buy (6000 or 8300 BTU), but this beauty is worth the price for its quiet, energy efficient and effective performance. I don’t know anything about Birkins, but I do have enough air conditioners to know that this is a top of the line system you won’t regret trying.


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