We Review Duradry Natural Ingredient Deodorant Products

The game-changing product for me would have to be the Duradry Wash, which has more of a paste consistency and doesn’t suds up like soap. What I do is squeeze some of this scentless wonder into my hand in the shower, then massage it into my pits, underboob, and bikini areas. After the initial rinse, I then follow up with my normal bar soap routine. What I appreciate most about this wash product is that it’s completely scentless and, for a product that promotes dryness, is infused with vitamins and minerals that still help lock in moisture. With all that said about scents, I’m not the biggest fan of the AM stick, mostly because it’s the only product that’s heavily scented (you can choose between four fragrant options), but I will say that the stick does work well under sweat-inducing circumstances (see: tennis matches, hot girl walks, etc).

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